About Garudae

Hello there!

I invite you to be a part of the big leap forward – the electrification of the automotive industry.

From the latest news in the sphere of electrical vehicles to the newest innovations, GarudaE has you all covered. On this website, you will find all the information regarding the new products that combine transportation with sustainability, the feasibility of products for you as a consumer so that you take an informed decision and leave a dent in this universe.

GraudaE is Based in India. Started a few years ago with a motive to fill your ride with joy. Electric Vehicles have an unmatched throttle and so does our vision with an aim to provide you with real-time updates about charging stations in India, their availability, and the time a station takes to charge your vehicle to the fullest. Running out of power is always the biggest impediment that you would have to overcome and with our real-time data, the risk of your vehicle’s battery falling dead is minimized.

As you pack your bags for a trip, travel interstate, you need exact information about the charging facilities to ensure a placid ride. That is exactly what we do. Keep you updated with the closest charging infrastructure to assist you to rejuvenate your vehicle and the environment.

While the charging infrastructure is pivotal, so is making the right choice when you decide to fulfill your moral obligation by switching to an EV. Different battery types, packs, and capacities can hamper your selection process but with GarudaE, it all becomes effortless. We bring you the best vehicles and thorough competition analysis so that all you do is take your shining EV home without any hassle.

While a lot of the content is absolutely free on our website because of our passion for the EV, be it our blogs, regular vehicle reviews, we also provide one on one consultancy if you are dubious of your choice. Our services range from consultancy to assistance and our product lineup includes battery and solar equipment. One-click and our service executives would love to share their passion and appreciate your decision to go ahead with preserving nature.

Tesla to Tata, the EV revolution sparks a positive change. With the prominent sales of NEXON EV and Tesla’s entry in India & the government pushing EV’s massively through huge rebates on road tax and the FAME scheme, our future is electrified and free from harmful gases.

I have stepped into the revolution already, will you be a part of this bright future too?