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Top 5 benefits of renewable energy

Solar energy, one of the renewable energy is a radiant light and heat from sun harnessed by using various technologies like solar heating, photovoltaic panels, artificial photosynthesis etc. Solar power is a fast developing industry all over the world and India lying in tropical belt has an advantage of receiving peak solar radiation for 300 days, equivalent to above 5000 trillion kwh, has a potential to become global leader in terms of encashing solar energy advantages. India facing problems in fulfilling its energy demand, solar energy can play an important role in providing energy security. With its pollution free nature, inexhaustible supply and global distribution, solar energy is very attractive energy source.

Benefits of solar energy:

  • Energy security: India being a import dependent for fossil fuels, dependence on solar energy not only reduces huge import bill but also helps in fulfill clean energy demands.
  • Environment concerns: As India has most polluted cities in the world, depending on solar energy helps to address pollution and also helps in achieving Intended Nationally Determined Commitment to include 100 GW solar energy by 2022.
  • Health: The pollution related effects on health can be reduced to a large extent and life expectancy can be improved.
  • Economic development: India being a developing economy needs proper electricity for industry and agriculture growth with self-sufficiency and minimal cost with assured regular supply which can be met using solar energy.
  • Low running costs and grid tie up capital returns.

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